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Our mission

We are specialized in private services and VIP event management , our protocol consultant are trained to deliver finest protocol training in the corporate and diplomatic arena Our goal is to develop soft skills and manners as  we strongly believe that everyone needs a solid foundation of etiquette and protocol that will sharpen their level of professionalism to the best .


We offer bespoke training sessions (Online & private face to face) followed by Accredited certification from European School of Protocol With fully ready PDF , Presentations and guide to supply your learning with further assistance .

This is is a long-term professional investment for those who wishes to master the art of soft diplomacy skills and protocol tools within high corporate and government organization .

Our training programmes are available for everyone but most likely to individuals in the followings sectors:

  • International diplomatic
  • Government officials
  • Embassies, consulates, high commissions
  • International government offices
  • Corporate and Public Affairs
  • International Corporate
  • Government Representatives
  • Administrative Professional
  • Global Entrepreneurs
  • Special event planners

Etiquette & Protocol training solutions

Our Vision

Every Individual deservs an education investment to increase their social & professional IQ , Mount Protocol Vision to help organisation & individuals to develop soft skills & management in terms of professional training & mentoring by taking etiquette and protocol management learning the proper manners and codes will sharpen and increase their self confidence

Certified & Accredited

The British School Of Protocol
The European School of Etiquette & Protocol
European Association for  International Accreditation